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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nostalgic Train Travel

Few people do not know what the Orient Express was especially if they are fond of murder mysteries but did you know that it still operates. It is one of many nostalgic train rides you can still take. The Orient Express has been upgraded to work on modern day rail lines but they still use the vintage coaches. You can take two to four day trips on the old line during certain times of the year. A great travel experience for Agatha Christie fans.

We once took a train from Alice Springs to Adelaide that was vintage. It was the Ghan Railway. What an experience! I was glad it was only one night. It was a little like trying to sleep while riding in the back of a pickup truck. We were going over tracks that were heated by the searing sun in the day and cooled down at night and I think that may have contributed to the rough ride. You can read about our trip on my post: Australia's Ghan Railway.  The cars were vintage and the dining was exquisite and along the way there was a narrator pointing out historic spots.

There are several trains mentioned in an article at Smart Traveler.com if you are interested in trains and travel. Besides the Orient Express they mention one through Siberia, another in South Africa, the cross country run in Canada, a rail trip in India, and the list goes on. Lots to enjoy for the adventurous nostalgic train lover. Who knows? Maybe there's a mystery novel somewhere in all of that.

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