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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Fishing Expedition

Our Florida grandson is a fishing enthusiast to say the least. The first visit to our condo this year was not satisfying since the weather didn't cooperate. When it was time to visit again, we planned for a better day and a trip out on a party fishing boat.

We checked the weather the day before we were to go out and it looked good so we made our reservations online. The boat was certified to hold 49 passengers and by the time we were ready to start out, I'm sure there were at least that many on board.

While the temps and sunshine were great, the wind had changed direction on us and by the time we were out of the channel, I knew it was going to be a challenging day. Thankfully I'd taken my meds the night before and I knew Bob and our grandson would be okay with it.

There were not enough rods in all the appropriate holes where they were kept. Actually, I don't know that there were enough holes on the side of the railing for 49 rods. Extra rods were handed out and bait boxes placed strategically among us.

While we were to yell, "fish on," if we caught one, there was no offer to bait hooks which Bob had counted on. He took a deep breath and plunged in, baiting his hook well enough to be the one to catch the first fish in our threesome. Of course when he yelled "fish on," I was the only one around to take it off. So between taking fish off for him and helping my grandson bait his hook and taking the fish off for another lady who kept catching them left and right, I didn't get a whole lot of line in the water time.

Oh, did I mention the wave action? I was sure my middle was going to be black and blue from bouncing against the railing. It was difficult to hold on to the railing and the pole. I was amazed that my grandson did so well.

And did I mention that when we went from one spot to another, the waves splashed against the boat so badly that I was soaked head to toe? Bob and my grandson went inside a crowded space where others had taken refuge but it was at the back of the boat where the crew had told those who were feeling ill to sit. It was less distance over the side to the water if you were sick and downwind. There were quite a few "passed out" on the benches. It did entertain our grandson though who felt a bit smug to know he had an iron stomach.

The four hours passed quickly but being tossed about, wet, and elbow to elbow with people, rods, reels, and hooks, I was ready to hit the shore.

There were eight pieces. I didn't get a picture soon enough.
Back at the condo, I went online got a Florida fishing license and my grandson and I sat on the dock and fished together the rest of the afternoon and the next morning. We caught lots more fish and had a great time watching the pelican watch us hoping we'd toss a fish their way. We managed to save four grunts and I filleted them for lunch. They weren't very big but at least there was enough to say we ate our catch.

It's all in the memories.

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