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Monday, February 29, 2016

Are Florida Sunsets Better?

In our travels, we have seen some pretty spectacular sunsets but there's something about the sunsets in Florida that make you want to be sure you don't miss a one.

Is it the way it's reflected on the water? When you are on the shore, the sky is not the only thing changing color. The water reflects the colors and softens them or makes them sparkle depending upon the weather, the angle of the sun and the texture of the water's surface. 

Is it in the infinite variety of clouds that dot the sky? The clouds form colored patterns in the sky as the sun sets and they move across. Sometimes the best sunsets are when there is a little more cloud activity and the sun has already dipped below the horizon. There are times when the rays reach the clouds with a post sunset splash of color that lights everything up overhead as if the clouds were a canvas for a great painting.

And then there's always the suspense. Will there be a green flash? While the green flash is usually not a flash but rather a slash of green color just as the last of the sun disappears, it is always a fascination.

In our condo complex, as with many other areas in Florida, people gather to watch the sunset, enjoy the glorious colors and come together to end the end the day. It's a great tradition. 

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