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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mini Cruise - Freeport, Grand Bahama

There was a time long ago, pre-retirement, when we would take a quick getaway and fly to Freeport and stay at the hotel that is now called the Grand Lucayan. It was always in November and sometimes the weather was a bit chilly for getting in the pool but at least the sun was usually shining and the time there was very relaxing. So it was with fond memories and that we looked forward to taking a walk down memory lane.

We were off the ship early and found our way to a taxi stand where we and ten other people were squeezed into a van and we were off--well so to speak. The van got a mile or so out and started to chug. Then the engine started to smell funny and the driver pulled off the road and made a phone call. He apologized and said that another taxi was picking us up. With that he turned the van around and met the other one a ways down the road. So much for a good start to the day. Ah, but it's all about the story, isn't it?

The taxi dropped all the other passengers off at a beach and then took us to Port Lucaya where the hotel, the casino and the market is. We were dropped off at the marketplace and managed to find our favorite spot for breakfast there, Zorbas. They must be doing well without us as it appeared they were expanding. The whole market place looked a lot spiffier than we remembered.

The casino that had taken so long for them to build and then before it even opened was damaged by a hurricane, was up and running but the hotel grounds where we had stayed so many times were off limits unless you were a guest. So much for that part of memory lane.

We explored the marketplace a bit more before calling it a morning and heading back to the ship. The ride back was uneventful and by the time we started for the ship we realized the port area had come alive--well more than when we'd left it.

There were all sorts of shops and food stands open and several DJs competing for attention. One was line dancing continuously to a loop of dance music he had playing. Several people were joining in. It wasn't until later in the afternoon while I was wandering the promenade deck that I noticed the young people had found Senor Frogs in the port. The place was jumping.

That night we ate at the Palace Restaurant, another complimentary meal that was quite good and then we enjoyed the production show put on by the entertainers on board. It was amazing. The theater was not full and I wondered where all the college kids were. This was there kind of high energy music and show.

This was actually during a lull in the action.
The pool was usually as full as that hot tub.
A stroll on the top deck looking down at the pool and hot tubs told the story. The ship had set up a BBQ at 3 PM and it kept feeding them until late night. I don't know if that was usual fare for NCL or if it was their way of coping with the young crowd that only wanted to mix and mingle. It worked.

Again, we were in bed earlier than the crowd and except for a little noise in the hallway once, we were not disturbed and the ship was headed to Nassau, our next stop.

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