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Monday, December 26, 2016

Essays on Life - End of the Year Reflections

The house is quiet. Family has left for home. The echoed chatter of grandkids is fading. Thankfully the warm memories won't. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day always seems to be a time of reflection. If you turn on the television that is pretty much what you are going to see. It's kind of like your life flashing before you as the year ends.

Ours was quite a year. Travelwise, we stayed warm in Florida a few months, went scuba diving in Grand Cayman, climbed Mount Fuji on our visit to Tokyo, drove all the way around Iceland and visited Italy and Spain with a transatlantic crossing to Fort Lauderdale. More importantly we got to spend time with family, made some new friends, grew deeper relationships with other friends and continued on in this glorious partnership we call marriage.

We once had a sailboat named Silver Reflections, The name was chosen for two reasons. One, it was a silvery color as it was a silver anniversary edition of the 30' O'day so its reflection in the water would be silver. The second reason was even more important. We knew we would be making wonderful memories of our time sailing--silver reflections, so to speak.

While I can look back on the wonderful adventures of 2016, I can also hope for the opportunity to journey further on, to make each day count as we look forward in the coming year to making silver reflections that will soon be turning to gold.

No matter what the past year has held for you the reflection will change. It always does as you sail through the waters of life. May your journey be smooth.

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