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Monday, December 05, 2016

Joyeux Noel!

Last year's visit to Disney on our way south took us, through the magic of Epcot, to several different countries to see their Christmas customs or traditions of the season. I'll start with France and Pere Noel.

The character came into the French pavilion area in a beautiful red and white coat and sported a soft white beard. He was very similar to Santa in his attire but much more conscious of his weight obviously. He told of how he would bring the good children gifts at Christmas time.

What wasn't mentioned (or at least I don't recall it) was that at times he can be seen with his traveling companion, Pere Fouettard, who is said to frighten the children who have been bad.

Just like for Santa, children set out either socks or shoes to be filled with goodies from Pere Noel. They also set out treats for Pere Noel and his reindeer or donkey that take him from house to house.

After Christmas mass the tradition is to have the reveillon, the feast that includes the traditional Yule Log Cake. Some families start their Yule Log burning and it burns from Christmas Eve until New Year's. Must be a big log.

You can usually find nativities in each home on display and as throughout much of the world, the season is celebrated as a time for festivities with family and friends.

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