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Friday, July 28, 2017

Are You A Skilled Traveler?

Nowadays there are lists for everything. I'm a list person when it comes to getting things done but I also enjoy measuring myself against some of the lists that get published like the latest I found at SmartTravel: 10 Essential Skills Every Traveler Should Have. I got better than 50 percent (as long as I travel with Bob).

Usually I try to figure out the basic nice words for a country we are visiting, like yes, no, thank you, hello. If I learn numbers it's usually just three. Any more than that and I will be overspending in the store or market.

I fail on learning to drive a stick shift. I've tried at three different times in my life and still cannot master it. I could do it in an emergency but the car would be worthless once I arrived. That's where my husband comes in. He can do the driving--and change the flat tire.

My map skills were learned at a young age thank goodness. In today's world I fear that will be lost with all the reliance on GPS. Sometimes you find yourself in places where GPS is just not enough.

We are never so far from a place for help if we needed serious first aid. Anything that requires a bandaid will be covered although even if I did know what to do to stop bleeding, I'd probably pass out before I could be of help. I've never been good with the sight of blood.

Why deboning a fish is on the list is a mystery. If the fish is cooked well enough the meat should just easily pick off the bone. I can however filet a fish and then cook it--again, learned at a young age from a father who was an avid fisherman.

Currency conversions are covered with the app on my phone and talking to strangers is usually easy enough but the last one on the list is one that I just recently figured out--the squat toilet. The next time I feel we might be in danger of facing that I will take a funnel and maybe attach a small hose. At my age the squat is just not possible.

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