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Thursday, July 27, 2017

What Happens To That Leftover Soap In The Hotel?

What do you do with the unused amenities in that hotel bathroom when you leave? Do you take them with you? Sometimes I do. If we've only used a little of the shampoo and conditioner or the lotion, I take them with me especially if they are a nice brand that works well. I hate waste.

The bar of unused soap however is always left behind. I just can't bring myself to tuck a wet soft bar of used soap into my suitcase--even in a plastic bag. So, what happens to those amenities that are left behind? Having an inquiring mind and a search engine I looked it up.

Who knew there were actually organizations that are in the business of recycling those products for the benefit of those who are in need? I ran across several organizations in different parts of the world. In New Zealand and Australia the organization is called Soap Aid. Then there is the Global Soap Project which has joined forces with Orlando based Clean The World. Many of the larger hotel chains are on board with the project even though Clean The World charges fifty cents a room to recycle the soaps. Another, the Eco Soap Bank, has a similar program and sends the recycled soap to remote regions of developing countries.

The soaps and other amenities are sanitized repackaged and then sent to other areas of the country and world for distribution to those in need whether it be just a poor area or an area hit with a disaster where people have lost homes or are displaced for a time.

Before I pack up those half used amenities from now on I'll be asking if the hotel recycles. I don't understand why they don't let the guests know on one of those little cards. They keep telling me to hang up my towels. Why not tell me if they recycle the leftover amenities?

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