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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Device-Free Vacation Challenge

How many devices do you travel with? Myself, I carry a Surface computer, a Kindle and an iPhone. Over the years my laptop has gotten smaller to try to lighten the load in my backpack. Bob carries with him an iPad, a Kindle and an iPhone. Between us that is six devices that require recharging throughout our travel. Too many?

I've always carried the laptop/tablet computer so that I can post on my blog or, should the inspiration arise, do some writing. The Kindle takes the place of six or seven books that I might read on our trip depending upon the length of flights, waits in the airport or just down time and relaxing. Not unreasonable, is it?

Now comes the possibility that travel restrictions may change at any time when we are traveling and not allow for us to carry the Surface computer with my carry on. There is no way I would ever pack it in checked luggage for so many obvious reasons--theft, damage, loss, etc. For that reason, I will be traveling without my computer when we travel to Europe this fall. Better safe than sorry. I will rely on my phone for my email. If I really was brave, I'd also leave the Kindle at home and just rely on the Kindle app on my phone as well but that's a pretty small screen to read from. [It appears that the problem is soon to be solved with updated security scanners in the European airports.]

Then again if we really wanted to live on the edge, we'd leave all the devices at home and unplug from the electronic world to see the real world. But alas, a child who still needs us needs to be able to call even if it is in the middle of the night wherever we are. And then there was that time that our house watcher called to say the furnace went out in the middle of a week of subzero temps while we were half way around the world and we needed to make arrangements for replacement. Sometimes it does pay to stay in touch.

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