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Friday, July 07, 2017

Don't Pack Bandaids, Pack This

On our first dive day we were on the new boat that Ocean Frontiers now has. Super nice but it wasn't quite decked out all the way. There was no grab bar under the swim deck to hang on to in order to take off swim fins before ascending the ladder. (The drill for you non-divers is usually to hang onto the boat, take off the swim fins and pass them up to a dive master, then pull yourself over to the ladder and climb up.) Without the grab bar we were having to hold onto the deck which wasn't bad on the first dive but on the second the waves were bouncing the boat more as I was holding on. I got one fin off and carefully changed hands to get the other fin. In doing so I was holding on to a different spot. I felt the sharp bump in the underside of the deck but before I could readjust my hand the boat surged up and my thumb slid over the sharp spot.

It didn't hurt but I was sure it had cut and I was dripping red stuff as I climbed up the ladder. One of the dive masters quickly wrapped a tissue around it and I continued on to my seat. It wasn't a really bad cut but considering where it was, I figured it was going to be a nuisance as I tried to use my thumb for getting equipment on and off.

As luck would have it, I always pack a small bottle of New Skin in my med kit. A few years ago another diver had recommended it. We have bandages too but bandaids do not stay stuck when you are in the water any amount of time--even if they are the "waterproof" kind. Wrapping the wound in duct tape is another option but I wanted more flexibility than duct tape would give. When we got to the condo, I immediately brushed the New Skin over the wound. It stings hard (the antiseptic) but dries fast. I did a couple of coats and it was amazing how well it worked. It covered the wound with a semi-clear shield that looks a bit like super glue.

I've used the New Skin before but never for a cut like this. I can safely attest to its durability. The next day of diving I added another coat and it stayed on protecting the wound through the whole morning of diving. I did have to add a coat now and then as it did begin to wear away but eventually the wound looked good and clean and healing quickly. I wore the New Skin just to be sure the wound would not get soft and reopen but in a few days it was nearly healed.

So, if you are heading to the beach or the pool or diving, you might want to look for New Skin if you have a small wound to take care of. It works so much better than trying to keep a bandaid on. Of course there's always the duct tape. It does come in patterns and colors now to match your beachwear.

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