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Monday, August 20, 2018

Adventures In The Treetops

While our grandkids were visiting from Japan, we decided to take an excursion to Geneva On The Lake, one of the small communities that dot the shores of Lake Erie. I had seen the Lake Erie Canopy Tours on one of our local programs, New Day Cleveland, and made a note that it could be something the kids would like. Like? They loved it!

There are several adventures to choose from and our son signed the kids up for the adventure course for the two older kids and the kids' adventure course for the youngest who was just on the border line of being tall enough to hold on to the more challenging course ropes. The attendants gave us an opportunity to see the courses before they signed on. When the youngest saw the big course, she decided to go on the kids' adventure which turned out to be a good choice for her.

They got into their safety gear and made their way to the courses with the guides. The kids' course was easy enough to hook up to and it wasn't long before the youngest was making her way around tethered to a guide wire that would keep her from falling to the ground. Meanwhile, the older kids got a little more instruction on their course.

The safety hookup for the more challenging course was amazing. There were two hooks to keep attached to the guide/safety wire. While they had to unhook and hook again around some angles, the mechanism would not allow them to unhook both ends at the same time. One hook would always be attached thanks to a magnetic system.

The bigger course was challenging and took about two hours to finish. Meanwhile the youngest child managed to make it around her course about six or seven times and was delighted that she had a small zip line at the end. The older kids didn't get to zip because that was an extra charge.

Guides kept an eye on things and helped move the kids from one level to another. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative and we sat and watched all the kids, enjoying a cool breeze and patches of sunlight as it filtered through the canopy of trees.

When we were done, we explored the shoreline behind the Geneva Lodge and then of course finished the afternoon with some ice cream. It was a great adventure.

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