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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Celebrating 50 Years Together--Our Train Dinner

This year we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! Who knew it would last this long or for that matter that we would still be around to celebrate it. We are blessed!

When it came to deciding how we would celebrate we tried out several ideas. One was a big party, inviting all our friends and family. That sounded good until I began to look at things a bit more realistically. Knee surgery was going to slow me down and what was the one thing I really wanted to have happen? I really wanted all the kids and the grandkids together to celebrate with us. With that in mind, we moved forward to another idea.

All the kids, big and little, are interested in trains or have been in the past. When the boys were little Bob had a train table that he would set up every Christmas. A little investigating later and I found that we could reserve the dining car on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad and have dinner aboard the train. It would be casual which would suit all of us and a lot of fun and something everyone would remember.

After we were able to determine when it would be possible for all the grandkids to get together working around school, summer camps, softball and a myriad of other activities we made our reservation for August 12 on the evening run. Putting together the menu, ordering a small cake, and making all the reservations was easily done and we finally managed to arrange for all the kids to be together for that weekend--the one gift I truly wanted.

A couple of friends were able to come and take group pictures for us using all the cameras and phones before the train arrived. We boarded the train as a group carrying with us a cake and some extra themed napkins and plates. The Table Car (as the dining car is called) was set with white table clothes and cloth napkins. In the back corner, the caterer set up our appetizers and main entree. There was more than enough food even though I had not ordered entrees for each person. With small kids, I knew they wouldn't eat a whole entree.

Our menu included shrimp cocktail, a cheese and fruit patter, sausage kabobs, chicken tenders (the kids loved though), a salad, the most delicious tender honey pecan chicken, potatoes and veggies. Our cake was way too big for all of us but I had to order a certain size in order to get two tiers and use my original cake topper that I'd modified for the 50th.

The ride was about three hours long and the kids lost interest a bit on the trip back. One of them had brought cards and they entertained themselves. We all enjoyed visiting together and just being family. I love that everyone got along so well. That doesn't always happen in a lot of families.

Our anniversary is actually in September and we have booked a cruise in October as our personal celebration but our evening on the train will hold a special place in my heart for at least the next fifty years.

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