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Monday, August 12, 2019

We're Going To Ishigaki--What?

When your grandkids live in Japan, it's a little more work to get to see them. Long flights and jet lag and immersion into a very different culture and tradition. We've made the trip several times now including a trip before they were even born when their mother and father got married in Sapporo.

Their home base while in Japan has been both Tokyo and Sapporo. The kids attend international school and there are several breaks throughout the year to accommodate both US and Japanese holidays. Last year they were with us for our golden wedding anniversary celebration so it's been a year since we've seen them in person--Facetime fills in. It was time for us to plan a visit.

Since we knew they usually take their fall break away from home, we asked if we could join them. This fall they had decided to book accommodations in the south of Japan, Ishigaki Island. When you think of Japan, you don't normally think of sunny beaches and surf and snorkeling but in the south of Japan there is a group of islands that provide just that.

On our first visit to Okinawa when our cruise ship stopped there for a day, I was surprised to see that it was very much like a beach town. This island, Ishigaki, is even further south and promises to be an exciting experience. Our son has booked a house for our stay and our daughter-in-law is already looking into activities and the all important food places to visit.

My initial look into where we're going revealed some scuba diving. The giant manta rays are in the area and we're taking our dive cards (certification that we are divers) just in case we have the opportunity. Over the next few days, I'm going to see what else is going on there--just to level up the anticipation. Of course seeing my son and his family are exciting enough. All the rest is icing.

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