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Friday, November 29, 2019

An Amazing Light Show, Odaiba, Tokyo

What in the world is borderless art, I wondered as we approached the entrance to Teamlab in Odaiba. We had waited all day to go to see it. The lines were so long earlier in the day that we found a few other things to do since it was raining and none of us wanted to stand out in the rain waiting to get in.

The show was worth the wait. The best way to describe it is that there were rooms full of video art that flowed from one room to the other. You were not supposed to follow any particular path as it was said that it all flowed together.

As we went from room to room it was like stepping into a piece of artwork and becoming a part of it. The kids loved the interaction especially in the room that had a slight hill that they could climb and become a part of a "waterfall".

My favorite areas were the rooms with butterflies flying all over the walls and the room with thousands of LED lights strung from the ceiling and flickering in sync to create the effect of being in a waterfall of lights. (Be sure to watch the video below)

I think it was a perfect ending to our last full day in Tokyo with the family. We finished the day with pizza--or at least the Japanese idea of pizza which was nothing like Pizza Hut or even the real pizza of Italy. It was good though and the kids enjoyed it as well.

The morning would find us packing and cleaning out our things from the little house we had stayed in.

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