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Monday, November 18, 2019

Beach TIme in Ishigaki and Japanese BBQ

Much like other places we have visited that have resorts and hotels on the beach, Ishigaki's offered day passes--sort of. We went to Fusaki Beach Resort and were able to rent from the hotel a couple of lounge chairs on the beach and beach towels as well as the use of the changing/shower area. We drew the line when they wanted $50/each to swim in the pool.

After a quick change into our swim suits, we were on the beach and enjoying the sun and surf. The kids were thrilled with a place to be able to get in the water and dig in the sand. The beach in front of our Airbnb wasn't conducive to swimming.

It didn't take long before they were terrorizing every hermit crab they could find and there were lots to be found. I have never seen a place with so many hermit crabs.

Bob and I walked the beach to where there was a pier from which several families were fishing. We were shown with pride some of the catches of the day.

Around four o'clock the sky started clouding over a bit again. The water sports crew began pulling in all the equipment just about the time our kids talked their dad into a banana boat ride. He still owes them one.

Back at the house, we readied for dinner and spent some time watching the sunset.

Dinner was at Yamamoto Restaurant. Again it was a bit traditional with removing your shoes but the tatami platform was built up so that you could sit with your legs beneath the table almost like being in chair or on a stool even though you were sitting on a mat.

This was classic yakiniku (Japanaese BBQ). Hot grills were brought to the tables and placed in the middle. Our kids ordered for us which is always an adventure. Sometimes I think they want to see just how far they can stretch Grandma and Grandpa's palate. The specialty was Ishigaki beef sliced very thin and lightly grilled before us by, who else, our grandkids.

At one point the girls got the flames going a bit too much and one of the servers came and helped calm it down before we set the restaurant on fire. It was all great fun and tasted good. I'm not sure of what all we ate and I think I don't want to know what some of it was. Sometimes that's best.

We spent the rest of the evening at the house playing Uno at Grandpa's request.

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