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Friday, November 22, 2019

Japan Loves Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea
Our morning this day started our with us going in different directions. The two older grandkids needed to get their passports renewed so Mom and Dad were off with them to the US Embassy for their passport appointment. That left us with our younger granddaughter who loves a chance to go to McDonald's.

That worked for us. We needed a fast food fix and so we were off to find the McDonald's a few blocks away where we enjoyed our favorite coffee and a breakfast meal.

Once we were back at the house, it wasn't long before everyone else met us. Our son had an event at work that afternoon so the rest of us decided to make a shopping excursion. Our DIL and our grandson went off to a mall where they needed to do some clothes shopping and the two girls took us on an adventure.

They still wanted us to try the bubble tea that is so popular there. Our teenager zeroed in on her phone to a cafe that specializes in it and we followed her to the prize. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea drink that has tea with flavored milk--lots of milk--and bubbles in the bottom which are usually tapioca balls. You have to drink it through a wide straw in order to get the chewy bubbles from the bottom. You could order it in different levels of sugar.  It was good but a little too filling and neither Bob or I finished our small sized orders.

The girls decided they needed a snack as well and ordered from a food booth that had Japanese style fried chicken bits very much like the chicken tenders or nuggets we get at home.

We caught up with our DIL and grandson for a short time on Takeshita Street which is a very popular street with brand name stores and also boutique stores featuring some very unusual fashions.

Our teen remembered a store in Harajuku that she wanted to show us. We were off again. She was very pleased to see that it was still there. It was actually a Samsung Galaxy phone store but it was also a museum that showed the evolution of the cell phone. Sad to say, Bob and I recognized all the stages.

The best part was the virtual reality experience that was offered (fee of charge). Our youngest wasn't old enough to participate but our teen and her grandfather enjoyed their sampling of outdoor activities such as kayaking and river rapids.

Along are sojourn we passed several establishments that offered an opportunity to interact with pets such as cats, tea cup dogs and our granddaughter's favorite, hedgehogs. Grandpa gave in. and took her for a half hour hedgehog petting experience.

Meanwhile our teen and I found a neat store that featured bath bombs of every sort you can imagine. The neat thing was that they would take a picture of the bomb and with their app, it would show a video of how the bath bomb looked in the tub as it dissolved. I chose a strawberry one as a birthday gift for someone. The video showed it melting with a creamy inside that was a moisturizer.

Altogether that afternoon my phone said I'd walked over seven miles. It was good to get back and put my feet up.

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