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Monday, November 25, 2019

Modern Motor Show in Tokyo

Our original plan was to spend our last day of the kids' fall break at Disney Sea which is an off shoot of Disneyland and features rides and attractions for a little older child/adult. I was interested to see it since I think this is the only one Disney has. Instead of theme parks, it has theme ports, But alas, it was predicted to rain all day and rain it did.

Bob and I grabbed an umbrella and while the kids still slept, we walked over to a very nice grocery store we'd found around the corner the day before. It was pouring rain and when we got to the door, we found that we were too early The store hadn't opened yet. The lady we had spoken with the day before (she spoke very good English) smiled at us, opened the door and told us we had ten minutes to wait. But, she said, come in and wait in the little cafe area.

We watched as the staff quickly prepared all the stations and wiped off counters and display cases. This place was really immaculate. Finally a buzzer sounded and they all took their places as our friend unlocked the door. We went to the donut case and gathered our dozen donuts to take back to the house. They were all the incentive needed to get bodies out of bed.

Our son had done some research and found some alternative activities for us. We started with the Tokyo Motor Show. It was amazing. So many futuristic tech advances. Self driving cars that looked like a fancy limousine only it was more like a capsule than a car with every creature comfort you could imagine that was electronic.
Car charging station.

There was a rescue drone that could carry a person to help with emergencies. And one of my favorites, a charging station for electric cars where you just drive over the top of it and it automatically charges the car. It would be like the new charging stations for phones where you just put it on top of a charging station. 

We watched a model demonstrate another self driving car that had a seat with so many different positions I lost count. I think that one had a TV screen in it as well. The fascinating thing I found was that she looked like a robot the way she was dressed and moved. Was she?

In the middle of all of the techy stuff was an enterprising group taking advantage of the youngsters who were there. They had what was called Miracle Paint for face painting and other surfaces. The paint dries sort of like acrylic but actually more rubbery. It wasn't like the usual face painting materials that wipe off. This you had to pinch and peel off. It was pretty neat. They had also painted flowers on a car as well. I guess if you don't leave it on there too long it would just peel off and not leave a mark.

Our grandson tried out the virtual reality racing they had there just before we decided to seek out some lunch. There was a nice mall right next to where we were and a large food court where we found some delicious rice bowls with chicken. Our afternoon adventure would take us to the Oedo Onsen, a Japanese bath but much more.

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