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Monday, September 21, 2020

COVID Book Corner: Anne Perry's Book Series

There are several authors I have been hooked by to read all the books in their series. The latest has been Anne Perry. She has several series--Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, Daniel Pitt (their son), and Thomas Monk. There are a couple of others with just two books and several stand alone books. She's been very prolific and is still writing at 81. 

There are 32 books in the first Pitt series that starts back in the late 1890s and goes into the early 1900s. Thomas Pitt starts out as a cop, then becomes a district supervisor and eventually heads the "secret service" of  early London. I thoroughly enjoyed her descriptions of life then and fashion and she weaves a great mystery. The novels aren't extremely long and during the early days of COVID when we were at the stay-at-home stage I devoured them quickly. There were no new TV shows and baseball didn't get started until July. I curled up in the recliner most evenings with my Kindle.

The Daniel Pitt series follows the one that features his parents. It is kind of a continuation but from a different perspective. It was actually the first book in this series that led me to seek out the others. Daniel is a barrister who becomes a friend of a woman who is trying to make a career of forensics when everything is going against her because she is a woman. It's an interesting look at the struggle for women's rights as well as courtroom drama and mystery.

I haven't started the Monk series yet so I don't know much about that one. It takes place in Victorian London and Monk is a detective who has somehow lost his memory and must try to recover who he is. With colder weather approaching, I'll save that series for when the fire is crackling and I can snuggle under a blanket with my reading.

As it stands in my over-all reading, I'm in book #47. This may be my most-read year ever. There have been some upsides to COVID.

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