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Monday, September 28, 2020

This Time Last Year--Ishigaki

 Am I craving some travel time? Oh yes. So to try to overcome some of the craving, I'm going to look back at where we've been this time of year. In 2019, we were getting ready for our trip to Japan to visit with our son and his family. It was a school break and they had planned a trip to the southernmost island in Japan, Ishigaki. 

The island is south of Okinawa but in the prefecture of Okinawa. It was a great adventure especially being with our grandchildren. Here are some links to my favorite posts about our trip. 

One of the first things we did when we arrived was to visit the limestone cave. We had been delayed a day because of a typhoon that had come up through the islands so we started right in after lunch with our sight seeing list. Click here: Ishigaki Limestone Cave.

Kabira Bay was a beautiful place to explore. We took a glass bottom boat ride that revealed wonderful underwater scenes of coral and marine life. I usually don't care for glass bottom boats but this one had a very clean glass and there was enough light that the colors were vibrant. Click here to see: Kabira Bay 

Another afternoon we spent on a beach at a resort hotel. It was relaxing and the kids had a great time in the water. the evening dinner was a Japanese BBQ. Click here: Beach and BBQ

Taketomi Island was a smaller island reached by a short ferry ride from Ishigaki. It is home to a

beautifully preserved traditional Okinawan village. One of the highlights of our bicycle trip around the island was the beach that had little stars in the sand. Click here: Beach stars

Of course what would a trip to Japan be without some unusual eating experiences. Our daughter-in-law had researched the specialties of the island and found the best restaurants that featured the local beef and seafood--and seaweed. The fresh tofu breakfast was probably the most unusual breakfast I've ever had. Here are the links: Dinner and music  and  Fresh tofu for breakfast.

And then there are always the things that make you smile (other than grandkids)--weird names for drinks and some funky English translations. You'll find those here: Things to make you smile

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