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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

This Time in 2018--Cuba!

 Continuing to try to ease the travel withdrawal symptoms with a look back to where we were around this time of year in 2018. Just before travel to Cuba was cut off, we were able to take a cruise and see for ourselves some of the area featured in the history that we had experienced growing up. We thoroughly enjoyed the Cuban people we met and the cultural experiences that were shared. Here are some of my favorite posts. 

On board the Oceania Sirena, from Miami to Cuba, we enjoyed our enrichment lecturer, Sandy Cares. She was fun and extremely informative in easy to understand presentations. Our first night out included all the regulations we would have to follow. Most of them were from our own country. Link: enrichment series.

Our day at sea was an opportunity to learn more about the history of Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba was the first port of call. We explored a castle which was really a fortress. The most unusual item there was an ammunitions elevator from, I believe, the Spanish-American war. The best part was the view of the coastline from the top of the fortress. Link: Santiago de Cuba fortress.

San Juan Hill was in Santiago. Ever hear of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders? They took the hill sans horses. Find out who's buried there as well with this link: San Juan Hill

As part of the regulations for our being able to tour Cuba we had to have a cultural exchange of sorts in each port. In Santiago, we listened to a very enthusiastic choir in Old Town. Lots of history in this area and beautiful buildings including an amazing cathedral. Link: Old Town Santiago

At our next port, Cienfuegos, our enrichment lecture had included a heads-up that we might encounter a doctor and nurse at the immigration point who might take our temperature. And this was pre-COVID! Our cultural experience was to visit a dolphin park where we watched a show featuring, what else, dolphins. We chuckled when people from the audience (not from our excursion) were included in the show. That wouldn't have happened in the States. We have that liability issue that hangs over everything. Here's the link: Cienfuegos

Old Town Cienfuegos had a beautiful opera house that was being renovated. Caruso sang there. One of the more unique cultural experiences was a group of ladies who played flutes. I had no idea how many different flutes there were. It was unique and pleasant. Link: Old Town Cienfuegos

Our next and last port would be Havana. I think I'll save that for a look back tomorrow. There was so much to see!

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