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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

COVID Book Corner: FInd Me by Anne Frasier

 We have Amazon Prime. We sort of got it by accident. Bob wanted to get something shipped free so he signed up for a trial thinking he would cancel. Somehow he missed canceling and we ended up with Prime for a year. Now we are hooked. Not only are we getting free shipping but we've enjoyed several movies and I'm getting free books every month. We've made up for the enrollment fee.

Find Me was a free download a couple months ago and it took me a while to get around to it. I was still hooked by the Pitt series. It's written by Anne Frasier and I may be hooked in another author's work. It's a chilling story of a serial killer who baits a detective who has been researching his 30 year old killing spree because he has never revealed where the bodies were left. 

Add to the mystery to be solved the fact that the detective is convinced his mother was one of the victims The FBI profiler he works with is the daughter of the killer and was used when she was a child to lure the victims pretending to be lost. 

I think there are only two books in this series but it looks like she's written a lot more. Next time I need to look for a book I'll be searching her name. I liked her style of writing and storytelling.

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