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Monday, March 07, 2022

A Day At Zoo Miami

 Monday was a day to spend enjoying our Florida family. It would be a day at Zoo Miami for the girls and a day of male bonding for the guys while they did some home projects. I was eager to visit the zoo and have the opportunity to walk in the warm sunshine and enjoy the nice breeze. It's always an adventure to visit the zoo with my grandkids and this day was no exception.

The zoo in Miami is so big it is difficult to see in one day especially if you walk it. There are safari cycles you can rent for two to six people for a three hour fee, extra if you need it longer. It is a fun way to get around but we passed this time. We elected to walk. The kids have been here often enough with their membership that they have seen everything so we pick and choose what we want to see.

Back home the animals often can't be seen because the weather is too cold and they go inside to get warm. Here it's the opposite. The weather was getting pretty warm and the sun hot so many of the animals were either in their cooler "caves" or on the shady side of the rocks and bushes which made it hard to see them.

There are some animals at this zoo that we don't have at CLEMET like the tree kangaroo we saw who loved to jump down from his tree perch to swing on the rope stretched across his display area. 

The komodo dragon is another. For some reason he (or she) was digging a hole. We wondered if it was to find cooler ground.

The burrowing owl was guarding his burrow, his drain pipe, from the burrowing tortoise he was housed with. If the tortoise got close to the entrance, he would fly up and threaten to peck at him.

Whether it's our home zoo or the Miami zoo, the meerkats are always the most comical. The two in the picture I took seemed to be basking in the sun. I wondered if they turned over every fifteen minutes to get an even tan.

A little more than four hours of walking and we were feeling the heat a bit more despite the nice breeze. After a quick stop to feed the birds, we headed for the exit and home to see how much the guys had done with their projects. New track lighting and light switches all installed. They were proud of themselves.

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