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Friday, March 11, 2022

Cruising the Florida Straits

 It's Thursday. We know this because the carpet in the elevator says so. We have to trust whoever changes it day to day knows the correct day. Our morning starts with breakfast in the specialty restaurant, the Pinnacle. It's a perk of the Neptune Suite and a nice quiet place to eat. I ordered a half grapefruit and it turned out to be the smallest grapefruit I've ever seen. The cereal with berries and almond milk was great and I snitched some of Bob's crispy bacon that he ordered to make his bacon/English muffin breakfast sandwich. I know, it's the inner chef in him.

We walked around the Promenade deck and then headed up to the sports deck at the top of the ship for Pickleball that couldn't happen because it was too windy. We did meet several Pickleball players who said they would be there every morning at nine so maybe our port days will have some games.

The most delightful excursions director gave a morning talk about the possible fun we could have on shore. We've already booked our excursions but wanted to make sure there was nothing else that caught our fancy. She was hilarious with her descriptions of shopping opportunities and box lunches and restroom breaks, some of which you needed to be sure to bring a little cash for.

While Bob was at coffee with the cruise director who was interviewing several staff members in the lounge below, I took opportunity to catch up with my blog and do some writing. The internet is frustrating, sometimes very slow but basic service is free since they are trying to get people to use their app onboard for the daily schedule and booking restaurants and excursions. I also cannot embed a YouTube video because it will not let me into the site. There's another $50 charge if you want to stream anything. No Neptune perks there.

Laundry on the other hand is free for us so we'll be packing our little blue bag soon so we can clean up the clothes we've worn so far. But that's probably TMI.

We had a Ceasar salad for lunch up in the Lido buffet. Saving our calories for our dinner in the specialty restaurant tonight. Bob spent a few hours in the gym and the thermal suite while I busied myself with a book and a stroll around to see what was happening. I think most people were out by the pool.

Dinner in the Pinnacle was good but service was sooooo slow. It took a long time between courses. Maybe the kitchen was slow. We changed our plans to attend the early show and decided we'd have to catch the late show. The show was six dancers and lots of video effects that coordinated with what they were doing. It was very modern and interpretive but fascinating. Their interaction with the video made them appear to be part of it at times. 

Clocks needed to be set ahead an hour to prepare us for our stop in Aruba in another day. Hopefully we won't be switching back and forth again with daylight savings on Sunday.  Even more, I hope we actually wake up on Saturday and see Aruba.

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