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Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Two Roads Diverged in a Mangrove Forest. . .

 . . .and we took the one we hadn't traveled before. Our Tuesday morning found us testing for COVID again in order to complete our paperwork for our cruise starting Wednesday. We had two antigen test kits from home and did it with an internet connection to eMed. Test results were returned quickly with a QSR code that we had a little trouble getting recognized by the Holland America Navigator app. Eventually we got it uploaded and we were told it was pending approval. We weren't waiting in the hotel room for it so we decided to drive out to Biscayne Bay National Park which was about twenty minutes away from Florida City.

We've been to the park several times before with our Florida kids but each trip there has always provided new information. As we neared the turnoff to the visitor center, I saw that the road that went straight ahead was open. I recalled it being closed on our last visit. Curious, but we turned to the visitor center.

When we arrived we could see that we wouldn't be walking on the boardwalk. They were repairing and building it up. Apparently hurricane Irma did some damage.  We stopped in for one of the many videos they show in their movie room. It was the one that explores the marine aspects of the park. As I said, we always learn something new. The difference between a Key and an Island is that the islands are formed usually by volcanic action but the keys are formed by living organisms, the corals.

After the movie, we talked a bit with the ranger there and I asked where the other road led. He said it went down to a county owned park that had a marina and a restaurant that he thought opened at noon. I glanced at my watch. It was just past noon. We nodded at each other. Let's go explore.

Once we got there, I realized this was the Homestead Beach I'd seen on the Google map. It is beautiful. There is an atoll pool, a basin of water formed by a small land mass that encircles it. It was very clean and inviting but we were there to eat.

The Seafood House had a variety of foods and drinks and featured a balcony eating area that overlooked the beach. Perfect. We settled on splitting a hamburger since we were going out to dinner with friends later and didn't want to eat too much. There was a nice breeze blowing in and the temperatures were warm enough to feel so relaxing. After we ate we walked around a bit and then headed back to our hotel to chill before we headed back down to Key Largo.

Bob pulled out his phone and saw that the HAL app said we were set to sail in the morning. Yes!

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