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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Cruise Journal: An Evening In Quebec CIty

When Bob had checked the Uber prices in the afternoon he'd found them to be quite expensive. Now that I was sitting on the bed with an ice pack on my knee, he was looking into it again. There was no way we were going to make it to Ciel! on foot. He was surprised to find that prices had fallen. I wondered if it was because there were more Ubers available in the evening and a little competition took the price down a bit. 

I had packed my old elastic knee brace that I used when my knee was so painful before knee replacement. My other knee had been giving me fits before we left and I didn't want to chance not doing our walking tours if it decided to bother me. Thankful for the foresight, I donned the knee brace and pulled my dress slacks over it and hoped the bulge wouldn't show too much. 

We probably would have taken an Uber despite my knee as the weather looked iffy. I hoped it wouldn't rain during dinner. The restaurant, Ciel!, was on top of the Hotel le Concorde with a spectacular view and. . .it rotated! 

The menu was unique. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Ours was in English but still had strange items on it. Of course I zeroed in on the wild mushroom appetizer. I love mushrooms. It came on a thin layer of mashed potatoes and was absolutely delicious. When it came to the main entree we both agreed on the pork with vegetables. We weren't real sure what we were getting but when the waitress explained it, it sounded good.

Meanwhile we were moving in a circle and watching the view slowly change as well as the sky. It was not only clouding over more but the sun was setting so pictures were not coming out very well.

What did come out well was our dinner. The pork was flavorful and the vegetables the tenderloin sat on were so good that Bob even ate the brussel sprouts which, if you know him, he would not normally touch.

Wanting to stay a while longer (we hadn't made a complete rotation) we ordered decaf coffees and an ├ęclair. The ├ęclair was a little disappointing. it was chocolate, a little dry and with a chocolate mousse filling. Not the pastry we had imagined. 

We left the restaurant and waited for our Uber in the main lobby. The Ubers couldn't come into the terminal area so we had a little walk to get to the ship and the gangway hairpinned back and forth to the deck where we were to enter. All in all a real test for a tender knee and leg muscles that were beginning to tell me I'd strained them. Would I be able to walk in the morning and finish our walking tour?

I remembered the RICE advice for an injury--Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. I had the compression. I needed to rest and elevate and Bob grabbed a glass of ice again from the bar so I could ice. Fingers crossed, I skipped the evening show and sat on the bed with my ice bag watching some nature show on the TV. A little prayer may have escaped my lips as well.

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