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Sunday, October 09, 2022

Cruising New England: Embarkation Day

Following a Hampton Inn breakfast, we returned to our room to spend a little time reading while we waited our appointed time to board our ship, the Celebrity Summit. When 10:30 rolled around, we put our luggage tags on our two suitcases and rolled out of the hotel and walked to the ship. It was pretty chilly and a bit windy. I was glad for the hoody I wore. 

Our embarkation was relatively smooth and didn’t take too long. Rooms were not ready but lunch was already being served. We usually get a burger from the grill on embarkation day but it was cold out by the pool and we didn’t venture out to find the grill. So, we settled for playing bumper plates in the buffet. (That’s what I call the new way buffets operate without trays and people criss crossing the dining area carrying plates to get to the different food stations.)

Since embarkation day was also our anniversary, we found the restaurant manager for the Tuscan Grill, a specialty restaurant, and asked if there was a chance we could dine there that evening. There was no problem. I didn’t even have to get teary eyed and plead that it was our anniversary. The strange thing was, Bob had tried to make a reservation online before the cruise and it indicated the restaurant was all booked.

We finally got to our room and were able to drop off our carry on luggage. I looked out our porthole window and decided that not upgrading to a balcony just might have been a good choice for this cruise considering how cold it already was. 

Bob picked up the Celebrity Today from the bed and along with what would be the first of our itinerary changes for the cruise. My heart sunk when I heard we would not be stopping in Halifax, a bucket list port. I had kind of expected that since Fiona was due to hit Halifax head on. They had also shuffled some of ports to different days to try to avoid the storm. Our scheduled stop in Portland, ME, was changed so we had to quickly notify Bob’s cousin who lives there and had planned the day with us that we would now be there on the way up the coast instead of our way back down.

We put on our good clothes and looked a little overdressed for dinner since most of the ship was casual and on a first night, that was often very casual. Our anniversary dinner was wonderful but dessert was amazing. It was called strawberry shortcake but it was the fanciest strawberry shortcake I’d ever seen and it was delicious!

Our show in the evening after dinner was wonderful. It was a group called NYC3, three male singers from New York. They were great. 

We went to bed expecting to have a good time exploring Bar Harbor the next day. We’d been there once before but hadn’t taken the time to explore the town much. It would be fun. Oh yeah.

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