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Monday, October 17, 2022

Cruise Journal: Sea Days Cherishing Quebec Memories

During our two days at sea between Quebec and Halifax we revisited the Tuscan Grille and had the most tender filet mignon I've had in quite a while. Evening entertainment continued to be excellent with singers and dancers and musicians. And we even got two lectures!!

The activity host Roxtar gave two excellent talks on the life and career of Marilyn Monroe. It was outstanding. We learned a lot more about her life and especially about the circumstances surrounding her death. It was recorded as a "probable suicide" but it sounds more likely that two different doctors were prescribing the same type of medication and she ended up with an overdose. He had much of his research backed up.

In going over my Quebec pictures there were still some that I couldn't post previously because I ran out of room. So here are a few more that I enjoy. I hope you will too.

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