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Thursday, February 04, 2010

What to Pack - Decisions, Decisions

As I mentioned before, we are planning quite a lengthy trip to Australia and as the date approaches for our departure, we are getting down to the more personal details--packing clothes. Since we are doing quite a trek across the land down under, we are trying to keep our luggage down to a minimum, one small suitcase and a backpack. This means inserting laundry plans into our itinerary.

With several of the places we will stay, this isn't a problem. In Sydney for example we are staying in what is called "apartments." In other places they would probably be called suites but these in Sydney are reasonably priced and include a small washer/dryer in one of the closets. We've stayed there before and they worked great!

Two other stops have a guest laundry but our lodging in Perth did not list one so I did a search and found that laundromats are called "laundrobars" in Australia. There are several nearby our B&B if we need them. I'll be packing a few sheets of a great new product called Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets. Each sheet has detergent and softener in it and, in the dryer, acts as an anti-static agent. I stick them in a plastic zip bag. They take up little space and save money and disappointment if you don't have enough coinage or the dispensers in the laundrobars are empty.

The plan is to pack enough clothes for 5 days at a time. Weather should be coolish in most places except for our time in the Ayers Rock area--think hot desert. We will only take one smart casual outfit each (no sport jackets or formal wear on this trip). The backpackers who read this are probably laughing their heads off. They are used to "living light." For me, it's been an ongoing lesson on how to cut back. I'm still learning. Packing light tips would be appreciated.

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