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Monday, February 08, 2010

Books For The Road - Thin Places

"Thin places are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where, if we pay very close attention, we might just catch a glimpse of eternity."

With that explanation, Mary DeMuth in her memoir, Thin Places, invites her readers to journey and explore with her those thin places in her life where God revealed himself. The places she takes us are not pleasant. They are soul-exposing and spirit-searching places that have molded and shaped her life. But by inviting us into those most vulnerable and private places, DeMuth shows us the thin places in our own lives--the places where, if we open our hearts and minds, we too will glimpse eternal promises.

Thin Places is not for the casual reader. This is often a disturbing and emotion-evoking read. DeMuth deals honestly and openly with her struggles in overcoming rape as a young child. She illustrates the impact to her very core of being with stories of her struggles growing up and becoming a wife and mother. Each chapter/story has its own message of redemption in her faith in Christ.

Even though you may not relate to her specific struggles, you will find a common thread in your own life that will encourage you in your own spiritual journey. This is what encouraged me:

"In the past I needed all the fragments of my life placed just so, like diamonds set in a tennis bracelet. The older I get, the more I see that Jesus wants me to trust Him for the missing pieces, the broken clasps, the counterfeit baubles--to relax in the unknowing, to be a t peace with the tangles, to learn the art of living with the mystery."

[This book was provided by Zondervan for review.]

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