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Friday, February 12, 2010

Books For The Road - Sisterchicks Do The Hula!

Yesterday was my "mental health" day. I spent the day doing nothing but reading. With all the dreary cold snowy weather we've had I needed a good escape book and Sisterchicks Do The Hula! by Robin Jones Gunn fit the bill perfectly.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. The title sounded like a chick-lit book but rather than a sassy story of two gals in Hawaii, it turned out to be a tale of girlfriends, a story of friendship, and a discovery of God's hand in their destination of choice, Honolulu, Hawaii. (A Sisterchick is defined as a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you are being a brat.)

Gunn does a great job of painting the scenes of the tropical destination and portraying the people of the island. I've been there several times and she is very accurate with her details including culture and tradtions and even some history.

This is a great easy read about two gals about to turn forty who finally get to realize their college dream of a trip to Hawaii. Leaving family behind for a few days, they rediscover their own dreams and deepen their bonds of friendship while encountering God as well. It is one of the first in a series of Sisterchicks books. I'm looking forward to delving into a few more--especially if it keeps snowing!

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