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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Plane's Bigger Than Your Plane!

Our Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, will be on an Airbus 380. This plane is HUGE! It has two decks, carries almost 600 passengers and has a wing span that is almost as long as a football field. I'm feeling a little anxious.

I'm sure it can get off the ground. It has in the past.

And I'm sure it can stay in the air. It's already made trips over the Pacific between the two cities.

Once I get past the size, I hope to sit back and enjoy the following 14 1/2 hours. Supposedly there is a little more room for knees and there is some kind of "foot net" that controls sliding while you sleep. Sleep? I hope so. Although I do expect to watch a little of the larger video screen on the back of the seat in front of me.

Now I probably won't see any upgrade from economy but there are more perks of course the higher you upgrade. Some of them include seats that recline with footrests, laptop power outlets, and a self-service bar in premium economy. Moving up to business class gets you a seat that lies flatter, a lounge area, privacy dividers, and extra storage among other perks.

Of course for the big bucks you get a first class private suite with fully reclining seat that has a foam mattress and massage. (Wonder if you need quarters for it?) There is also a 17" video screen, mood lighting, a table for two, and other "bells and whistles."

My needs are few--get me off the ground, land me safely, and a little leg room would be nice. Not that I'm opposed to a private suite. . .but at the prices of airline tickets, it would have to be a free upgrade.

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