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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flying--The Good Ole Days

When we travel to Australia, we will be flying to Los Angeles (about a four hour flight) and from there on to Sydney (about 14 1/2 hours). Add to that the two hours before takeoff to be sure we are checked in and through security and then the lay-over time in LA and we are talking a trip of about 21-24 hours. Take note that we will also be crossing the international date line which means somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, we lose a day. Monday suddenly becomes Tuesday. Is it any wonder they call it jet lag?

I happened to catch a glimpse of a vintage airline commercial on TV and looked it up on YouTube. Ah, the earlier days of flying were amazing. Take a look. It was a bit more formal, but I'd dress up for the meal they're serving. And what was with the "no vibrations?" When was the last time you made a house of cards on your tray table when flying? Even first class nowadays doesn't look as good as this did.

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