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Friday, February 05, 2010

This Is ________Day!

Sometimes a blogger just needs a little encouragement to find something to write that will inform, entertain, or stimulate discussion--or all three. When I hit a wall and kept seeing a blank box (Blogger has a box in which you write your post) with a blinking cursor before me and then realized I'd been staring at it for quite a while, I decided to surf the net for some inspiration.

What's going on around the world, I wondered? I found a site that gives world holidays. Hmmm. Nothing much there. Mexico is celebrating Constitution Day and Canada, Winterlude. Leave it to the Canadians to celebrate the cold.

A couple of more sites later I stumbled on to some interesting National-Day-Of___s. Here's the list:
  • Disaster Day (That really excites me. How about you?)
  • Buble Gum Day (Do you pop your gum?)
  • Weatherperson's Day (Very politically correct, isn't it? Gender-friendly)

But if none of that makes you want to kick up your heals, toss confetti, or even whistle a happy tune (take the gum out of your mouth first) then hang on because Monday is. . .LAUGH AND GET RICH DAY!!

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