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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Books For The Road - Meghan Rose Is Out Of This World

It's summer and what could be better for your new reader than a book written just for her reading level? How about eight books?! The Meghan Rose series has been extended with four new books.

Meghan Rose Is Out Of This World was my choice to read for review. I think it appealed to the younger version of myself that loved science at that age and was fascinated as well with outer space. But this book is more than just about a young girl's fancy for science and space. It's about getting yourself into hot water by telling a whopper to impress your friends. Now this could be a lesson in honesty and humility to be learned at any age.

Meghan is jealous of a girl who brags about her summer activities in dance camp and worried that her friends might prefer Sophie over her, Meghan makes up a story of going to Space Camp. As the proverb proves, her web of lies catches her and eventually she realizes she has to tell the truth. But I like the outcome. A friend is a friend and will love you in spite of your short comings.

As a K-2 teacher, author Lori Z. Scott knows her audience and knows that a good story with the stuff kids like to giggle at will catch their attention and instill a lesson painlessly. Her Meghan stories, originally written for her own daughter, each feature a challenge for Meghan. For example in Meghan Rose Is Tickled Pinkish Orange, Meghan is challenged to find a way to stay happy even when challenged by someone who is mean to her.

Scott includes some great discussion questions at the end of each book and a couple of pages of activities to do that correlate with the story. That's what makes these so great for summer reading. Doing the activities together while using the discussion questions to get your reader to talk about the story, is a win-win whether you're on the road or at home.

Not only does Scott write a good children's book, but when asked for one unusual fact about her she says, "I can draw with both hands at the same time. And, by using both hands, I can write forwards, backwards, and upside-down all at once. It doesn’t make me a better storyteller, but it’s a cool trick!" If you'd like to know more about Lori Scott and the first Meghan books, check out an earlier post here.

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