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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earthship - House of the Future?

Just southwest of Zanesville, Ohio, is a compound called Blue Rock Station. It is the place to go to see the Earthship house made of. . .trash! But perhaps that's not the right term. Recyclable materials sounds better. Owners/builders Jay and Annie Warmke were intrigued by a PBS radio show that featured an architect who designed Earthship homes from old tires and bottles. They couldn't pass up the challenge.

In 1996 they began construction of the Earthship on 38 acres of land they had purchased in Muskingham County. The walls of the original 1650 square foot home were built from over 1200 old tires retreived from an illegal dumpsite being cleaned up by the EPA. Wood used in the construction was re-claimed from old barns.

The family lived for a short time in Europe but returned to finish their project and live in the Earthship home that now measures 2200 square feet. Since their return they have added several other features made of bottles and re-claimed wood and a chicken coop of strawbales.

Visitors can tour the house and make friends with a variety of different farm animals as well as learn about natural gardening and using solar energy. Check out their website for more information.

Me. I kind of like my conventional home. I'll stick to putting out our containers of recyclables for someone else to get creative with.

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