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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kiss the Blarney Stone?

In our planning for a trip to Ireland, the question has come up: Do we or do we not climb to the top of the castle so that we can kiss the blarney stone?

There are hundreds of tales and stories surrounding the stone in Blarney Castle thought to be of the same type found in the Stonehenge. The stories are all colorful. Some miraculous. But do remember we are talking about the Blarney Stone.

The one that seems to give some historical significance takes place when Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII, felt that those in Ireland should title their lands to her since she was the reigning queen of Ireland as well as England. She corresponded with Cormac Teige McCarthy, the Lord of Blarney, who with grace and good humor continued to agree that he would indeed title his land to her. The queen was please until as time went on she realized he had put her off subtley each time to which she finally said, "Oh! He's just giving me a lot more blarney!"

Take a look at the custom of kissing the stone. I ask you, is this something I really should do and risk life and limb for?

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