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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Windjammers of Maine

A cruise is a cruise is a cruise? Nope. There are all sorts of ways to cruise besides just on a cruise ship. Windjammers are one. I just discovered that there is a whole fleet that sails out of Camden, Rockland, and Rockport, Maine. Having been to the coast in Maine and exploring a bit, I can imagine how beautiful these sailing vacations would be.

The Maine Windjammer Association lists thirteen different historic schooners you can choose from. They vary in size with the largest being the Victory Chimes which has quite a history dating back to 1900. It is 132 feet long and accommodates 40 guests.

The sailing schedules are all different but generally range from June to September. I imagine September sails would give you the beginning of the fall colors but maybe not.

Having owned a small sailboat in the past, I know there is nothing more relaxing than catching wind in your sails and gliding through the water enjoying the warm sun and the fresh air. Well, it would be more enjoyable on the Windjammer I think. I wouldn't have to adjust the sails and cook for the captain.

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