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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Private Island of Your Own

Really. Yes. You can have a private island in many parts of the world and some are at a reasonable price for a week's stay. This was another idea gleaned from reading the Continental Hemispheres magazine.

The short item pictured a place in Sweden, a one room house on Lake Malaren which was actually an art project by Mikael Genberg. If you go deluxe, you can get someone to deliver dinner to you by boat. By the way, it's called Utter Inn.

While the featured accommodation was not exactly ON an island (it was surrounded by small uninhabited islands) I was intrigued by the website's URL, privateislands.com, and looked it up. Sure enough, you can rent accommodations on quite a few private islands all around the world from the Florida Keys to Fiji to the Seychelles off the African coast where Kate and her prince spent their honeymoon.

The site also features private islands for sale. A bit out of my price range and comfort zone. I'm not ready to retreat from life entirely and go live on a private island. Not unless I have a volleyball I can call Wilson.

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