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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hometown Festivals - Lucille Ball

Unfortunately we missed the 100th birthday celebration at the Lucille Ball Festival in her hometown early this month. It did make the news--often. They set a record of 915 people dressed as Lucy. I Love Lucy has been on television since 1951. The episodes still air to this day and are a delight to new audiences.

Jamestown, New York, her hometown is in the southwest corner of New York state about an hour east of Erie, PA. It is also where she is buried. Lots to see and do in Jamestown that involves Lucy and Desi, her husband and TV partner. There's the Lucy-Desi Museum, The Playhouse, and a restaurant that has been designed to look like the Tropicana featured on the Lucy show. Check out the website for more information.

Episodes are also available to watch online at Xfinity.

I'm assuming the festival is held each year the first week in August. Check back on the website for next year's dates. I'm sure they'll be available once the 915 Lucys get the red wigs off and get back to normal. Is there such a thing in a town that raised such a kooky redhead?

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