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Monday, August 15, 2011

Having a Great Time! Wish You Were Here.

While "My Grandma went to [fill in blank] and all I got was this T-shirt" is often seen on souvenir Tees usually priced 3/$10, an older line is associated with postcards, "Having a great time! Wish you were here."

Postcards have been the staple for showing friends and family back home where you've been. They have also become a bit expensive to snail mail but enter the wonderful world of email, get creative, and you can send your own postcards home through the internet.

Some destinations are online already with postcards you can email for free. You don't even have to visit the place! But let me make a few other suggestions. If you have an IPhone, there is an app that allows you to use your own pictures from your phone to make and email a postcard home. I'm sure there's more than one app but here's the link to the one I saw.

Then there's a site called Smilebox where you can make all sorts of greeting cards and email them or post them to Facebook. This one really lets you get creative but you need to download their program and you will need to have your laptop handy when you travel. Smilebox also has formats for slideshows and other ways to organize and share your pictures. You can even add music to them.

If you travel with your computer and have a photo editing program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, etc., you can take one of your travel shots and add text to it to make it look like a postcard. Just be sure to reduce its size so it fits in an email box. I try to keep the pics I send to a 5"x3" size. Keep your message short-"Having a great time!" After all it's vacation. Do you really wish all those people were "here"?

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