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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

National Scenic Byways

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Research for a new adventure is always a process of discovery. In looking for information on the Red Rock Scenic Byway in Arizona for our trip out west next year, I got sidetracked in wondering just what made a road a National Scenic Byway or All-American Road. I was rewarded with a website and a whole list of designated roads in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and even the District of Columbia.

What makes a road special--scenic? As the National Scenic Byways site states:
"All of America's Byways® are "scenic", representing the depth and breadth of scenery in America--natural and man-made panoramas; electrifying neon landscapes; ancient and modern history coming alive; native arts and culture; and scenes of friends, families and strangers sharing their stories."

The site goes on to list the designated roads. I've been on parts or all of several: part of Alaska's, the end of Route 66, Death Valley (CA), Route 1 (CA), A1A (FL), Florida Keys, Acadia (ME), Chesapeake (MD), Las Vegas Blvd, Blue Ridge Parkway (NC, VA), Outer Banks (NC), four of the five roads in Ohio, George Washington Memorial Parkway (VA), and Skyline Drive (VA).
And then there are National Park roads. . .the list goes on.

Ah, now if gas prices would just come down a bit. . .Still, if there's a road near you, it might just be a great weekend trip!

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