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Friday, August 26, 2011

Books For The Road - Murder Among The Orchids

Today I have the privilege of inviting you to choose one of my books for a good read on the road. Murder Among The Orchids has just been released as an ebook and is available for download in most any format you can imagine. If you have never tried an ebook, may I suggest downloading the Kindle app from Amazon for your pc or apple computer or IPad. It's free at Amazon and takes only a minute to install. I have it on my pc and enjoy reading books there that I can't get on my Sony Reader.

Here's a teaser for the book. A video trailer. If it piques your interest, click on this link and download it through Smashwords.com and just for visiting my blog post, here's a code for 20% off your purchase of Murder Among The Orchids: WP29R

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