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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No place to go? Head for the Zoo!!

If you follow my blog, you'll find that we are often off to the zoo. We've purchased a membership for our Cleveland Met Zoo and often just go for an hour or two to walk around, get some exercise, and of course enjoy the entertainment. There's always something new--new babies, new exhibits, new antics often related to the weather or the time of year.

One of the writers in my network of fellow scribes, Marla Taviano, is a zoo afficionado. She has a book and a blog about her visit to 52 zoos in 52 weeks. I admire her accomplishment and love reading about her adventures. But it also points out that almost anywhere you live or you visit, there's a zoo nearby.

So when you feel you don't have anywhere to go or with the economy being what it is, you can't stretch the budget for travel, try a visit to the zoo--a place where the world comes to you.

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