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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Books For The Road - Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson

Sometimes you just need a book as a distraction. Something that will make you smile. Something fanciful and sweet--like wedding cake. Every Girl Gets Confused is just such a read. Each time Revell sends me a Janice Thompson book I know I'm going to get a few chuckles and come away feeling good.

Thompson, a wedding planner, has written several series of books around the wedding and bridal theme. This one takes place in a bridal salon that designs specialty gowns. There is a Doris Day theme that weaves in and out of the chapters and culminates in a bride having a designer make her a dress similar to one worn by the iconic actress in one of her movies.

The main character, Katie Fisher, comes to the big city to work at the salon and meets the salon owner's son, Brady James, a basketball player with a potential career ending injury. The two become a couple (it is a romance novel) and of course there is the ex-boyfriend, Casey, who may have decided that breaking up with her was not a good idea.

The fun begins though when Katie's grandmother, a Baptist, marries the Presbyterian minister and they have part of the reception at the Methodist church so they can have dancing. By the time you are through this wedding and reception, you will be in stitches and you'll always be checking out the punch at any reception before you drink it.

Rather you pack this in your ereader or tuck the paperback in your travel tote, you'll have a great book for the road. Happy endings and happy travels go together.

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