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Friday, November 06, 2015

5,326 Miles

Well, we did it! We drove quite a loop through the Midwest. All those miles and at least that many bugs smashed on the front of the car but it was worth it. Our road trip took us west through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and into Montana to stop at Glacier National Park. Then through Montana to Wyoming for Yellowstone (we may have hit just the cornier of Idaho) and southeast through South Dakota and Nebraska before turning east again through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and home in Ohio.

Thanks to those who suggested a few stops along the way. We enjoyed Wisconsin Dells and the Mall of America. Glacier was beautiful. Yellowstone's wildlife amazing. Grand Tetons spectacular. Mt. Rushmore monumental.

Some surprises along the way included the Mammoth dig at Hot Springs, SD and the Buffalo Bill home/ranch at North Platte, NE. And of course meeting folks along the way is always entertaining. For instance, there was the park ranger in Yellowstone who gave his whole program talk with a toothpick stuck in the corner of his mouth and never once lost it. He was a wealth of information though.

Here are just a few of the things that impressed me about this area of the country as we drove.

  • Acres of sunflowers in ND. Wish we'd been there to see them in early bloom.
  • So many cattle and horses grazing in fields.
  • The Black Hills of South Dakota as the sun set.
  • Corn fields, their tasseled tops golden in the sunshine.
  • Bales and rolls of hay dotting the harvested fields.
  • So much farmland! Praise God for farmers!
  • And miles and miles between the next McDonald's cup of coffee.
This was a good lesson in geography but even more so in learning about what a wonderful area of the country this is.

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