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Monday, November 30, 2015

Traveling With a Lacrosse Ball?

Do you like articles that give you lists of five or ten or twenty reasons, ways, top ideas, etc., for any and all things? They catch my eye once in a while and I couldn't help but wonder what 5 things I should never fly without when I saw the newsletter from Smarter Travel.  The first four I could understand but then came the last one--a lacrosse ball! What?

Turns out that a lacrosse ball can be a way to ease muscle tension and pain from sitting too long in coach. (I guess first class and business don't have that problem.) Well, this is too much, I thought so I typed in relieving pain with a lacrosse ball into the search box and came up with all sorts of articles about how to use tennis balls and even golf balls to relieve tension and muscle pain. Who knew?

You could put a tennis ball (or lacrosse if it's handy) under your stocking feet and roll it around to stimulate blood flow after sitting too long. I had visions though of the tennis ball popping out and rolling under seats or down the aisle. There are pictures on some of the articles that show how to wiggle it under your legs and against a wall but that might be a problem when the air crew really doesn't want you back in the galley rolling a ball up and down your back against the wall.

The one I found to be a little more realistic was the article on using a golf ball put into a sock so you could lower it down your back and wiggle against the seat so to massage the back muscles. Of course all of that would only lead to people thinking you needed to use the restroom.

I think I'll stick with the simple flex your ankles and stand up once in a while if possible when it's truly a long flight. But then a truly long flight usually means a long nap as long as someone else's lacrosse ball doesn't pop me in the head.

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