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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Road Trip 2015 - Antique Archaeology

As Bob was planning our route for the road trip, I talked him into coming home in a more southerly direction so we could pass through a couple of states we'd never been in. One of those was Iowa. But what would we do in Iowa, Bob asked?

Fortunately we are both fans of the American Pickers program on the History Channel. For those of you who may not watch this is a pair of guys who go all around the country (and sometimes the world) looking for antiques. Their tagline is: "We make a living telling the history of America...one piece at a time. I guess it's for that reason that the two stores are call Antique Archaeology.

With their home base being in Le Claire, Iowa, we made sure to stop and have a look in their store. Bob was hoping for a selfie with Danielle, the gal who does the research to find places where Mike and Frank should pick. It was not to happen though.

Le Claire is a neat little town on the banks of the Mississippi and has a Buffalo Bill connection as well. He was born there. We passed on his museum and went directly to Antique Archaeology.

It was a bit disappointing although we did get to see the van up close and personal, but inside the store most of the items were souvenirs of the show. T-shirts, caps, glasses, mugs, magnets, and books on how to pick by Frank and Mike. There were several old motorcycles on display but not a lot of actual antique items to buy and certainly not in my price range. I would have loved to have picked up just a small antique item to say it came from there--and I'm not a souvenir shopper! Since our visit I found that Frank has a store in Savanna, Illinois, Frank Fritz Finds.

We strolled the main street of Le Claire a bit, stopped for a bit to look at the Mississippi, and then continued on to our overnight stay in Peru, Illinois. We were almost home and that was beginning to sound kind of good.

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