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Friday, March 18, 2016

Finding Entertainment in the Keys

This is the first year we have stayed a full three months in the Florida Keys. Guess that makes us official snow birds now.  While there are not a lot of shopping malls, large theaters, fancy restaurants, there is still plenty to keep you occupied.

Every night the sunset is celebrated. In our complex people gather together at the club house or at the picnic tables along the shore and watch for the green flash or the afterglow which can be quite spectacular when the clouds light up in the sky with all sorts of bright colors.

Add to that the pelicans that are always entertaining, the occasional dolphin pack that passes by, the manatees and all the critters you can discover in the small tidal pools along the shore.

In addition to all of that are some unique shopping opportunities. I like the Pink Junktique store for its originality. Then there's Shell World where you can get most any kind of shell and plenty of other stuff to take home should you feel the need for souvenirs. On our morning walks we pass by a custom golf cart place that has all sorts of original designs for golf carts. Bob's favorite is the Rolls Royce version.

Restaurants are very casual. It's the Keys! Sandals, flip flops and shorts are the norm. And while they may not be the fanciest of places the food offerings are really great.

We have enjoyed the almost weekly fairs and festivals. The annual nautical flea market was amazing as was the arts and crafts market at one of the churches. There is a snow crab festival that backs up traffic for miles because it is so popular.

This year we also took in an wonderful production of Shrek, The Musical, by The Keys Players community theater. And the First Baptist Church of Key Largo had a group that performed one night with music, martial arts and an amazing motor cross bike demonstration.

Time is running out for our stay here but we'll be entertained to the end.

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