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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mama Owl

A nest with an ocean view
A few days ago I posted about the owl who fought the osprey in order to take over the osprey's nest. She really needed that nest. She was ready to start her family.

We revisited the nest after our friend from Quebec who has been monitoring it reported that there were two little heads showing up. When we went to dinner in the area, we decided to take a look for ourselves and sure enough, there were two snowy fluffy heads popping up in the nest.

Generally the Great Horned Owl has two offspring. What I read says that they usually take over an abandoned hawk or heron nest but will fight for one if necessary as apparently this one did. They are ferocious night time hunters and our friend said he saw the remains of several mice one day when he was there.

Eggs are generally produced sometime between December and March and take 26-35 days to hatch. The young ones cannot fly for 9-10 weeks and are dependent upon the parent for food. Judging from that we should have a few more weeks of observing their progress. What a privilege!

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