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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Theater Of The Sea

One of the favorite places our grandkids like to visit is the Theater Of The Sea in Islamorada just south of Key Largo. It was requested again this year by one of our granddaughters when she came to spend her time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Actually, I like it better than Sea World. It is a lot more intimate and you get closer to the marine animals so you can actually see them. The dolphin show of course is my favorite. We watch it twice each time we go.

Let me explain. The show schedule is set up so that you go from one venue to the next and can jump in at any spot on the schedule and follow through all the shows. It takes about three or four hours to see it all (including the extra show we took in).

There is also a beach where you can catch some rays, snorkel, or just sit and relax. Opportunities to swim with the dolphins and now feed the sharks cost extra but everything else, the bird show, the dolphin show, the sea lion show, the short boat ride through the lagoon accompanied by dolphins, and the ponds that hold all sorts of other marine animals are all included.

The two dolphin shows were just a little different. I suspect it was due to the time of day, the attitude of the dolphins and the change in trainers in the water with them.

Still, it is fascinating to watch these magnificent animals with their grace and power in the water and the gentleness that they exhibit when it comes to getting kissed by a dolphin. I was kissed a few years ago when we dove with them in the Bahamas. When all the kissing was done this time, our granddaughter touched her cheek and said, "I'm never washing that cheek again."

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